Shipping Cost

Shipments with ACS Courier:
The prices are configured automatically after the completion of your purchases, depending on the region and the exact delivery address of the package.
Shipments by KTEL:
We will send your order to you by KTEL Chania bus and you will receive it the next day from your local KTEL. In the regions of Crete and Greece where routes are carried out.
Shipments by boat or transport company:
For larger orders (e.g. 20 kg or more of Cretan olive oil or dairy products) Shipments are made by boat (Chania-Piraeus) or with a transport company, upon consultation.
Shipments abroad:
With the International Transport Company DHL ECONOMY SELECT EXPORT.. The cost for 10 kg of weight is €28.90 for 50 kg in
Indicative prices for countries within the European Union:
from 1kg-6kg from €15.69-€19.60
from 1kg-12kg from €23.61-€28.96
from 1gk-50kg from €58.39-€85.12
from kg-100kg from €123.83-€147.76
The final price is automatically configured with your order, depending on the designated country zone, the final weight of your order and the exact shipping address.
The parcel is delivered within 12 to 13 days.
Proposition: The heavier the package, the lower the shipping cost per kilogram.
It would be good if you want to order many & heavy products to contact us to find the best & most economical way for each case at.
For countries outside the European Union, the transport is done with DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE EXPORT
Countries are divided into example zones Thanks: Zone 1 (Monaco), Zone 2 (Portugal), Zone 3 (Montenegro), zone 4 (Mexico), zone 5 (Qatar), zone 6 (Democratic Korea (South) KR, zone 7 (Puerto Rico).
You can proceed with a sample order, when you define the complete details of the package’s shipping address, the final shipping cost will be known.
You are charged with an additional 4.00 euro bank transaction fees outside of Greece.
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Messenger: Cretan corner
Instagram: Cretan Corner

Safe missions
The special packaging we use ensures that the packages with your favorite Cretan products arrive intact and safe at your home.


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